CAROSAFE™ American Formulated Non Poisonous & Alcohol Free Water Based TRIPLE ACTION 30+ Days Surface Protector & Sanitizer For Home , School, Office, Hospital, Gym & Shop & Hotels – 100 ML

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Our Advanced Non Toxic, Poison Free Sanitizer Disinfects all Hard & Soft Surfaces in Home, Office, School, Travel, Grocery Store, Playground, Public Transportation, Camping & Other Applications

Its triple action: Sanitizes on first contact + surface protection for 30 to 90 days + Due to bio static properties it attracts the virus from the air and purifies it. Apart from our hands, germs also spread through unclean surfaces like floors, counters, tables, and handles which carry germs & viruses. Ordinary cleaners will not take care of all these harmful germs. Don’t take a big risk by trusting ordinary cleaners to protect you and your damily



LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: (upto 90 Days): This is one of the most powerful Non-Alcohol water-based Disinfectants which protect the surface upto 90 days with guaranteed protection for 30 Days.

Disinfects and sanitises all household, personal and office items.

This unique spray able product not only kills Germs and Viruses present on the surfaces but also quickly sanitizes Air – Surroundings and protects the surface for 30-90 days and kills over 99.999% germs & viruses on contact in seconds.

This product can be used in Homes, Schools, Offices, Cars, Aircrafts, Ships, Shops, Hospitals, Clinics, Hotels, Restaurants, Spas & Salons, Beauty Parlours, Gyms, Malls, Theatres and Industrial Facilities.